About Us

About One Degree

Imagine a world with no strangers. Where you could pass by someone on the street and immediately make a connection. Now, imagine that one t-shirt could turn this dream into reality. Because that’s what we did. We dared to imagine a world where everyone was connected through the highly personal medium of art. And we brought our dream to life with One Degree, a one-of-a-kind platform that turns crowdsourced images into supercool t-shirt designs that anyone from around the world can buy.

Our Story

Everyone has a story, and here’s ours. One Degree seeks its inspiration from the popular theory of the ‘6 Degrees of Separation’ that claims that everyone in this world is connected by a maximum of 6 people—all you need to do is find the right 6 people. We decided to take the shorter route and connect people by one degree, which is directly. The ultimate parameter of our success is to eventually have everyone who submitted their images to meet the people wearing their design. And that’s what we call an instant connection.

Who We Are

One Degree founder, Saurabh Doshi isn’t Batmanand if he was, he wouldn’t be allowed to tell you anyway. What he is though, is an ardent dreamer who isn’t afraid to strike out on his own. An avid traveller, he refused to let the world’s best spots just sit on a hypothetical bucketlist and instead chose to travel and make lasting, meaningful connections in all the countries that he has visited. One fine day, on the way to a routine business meeting, inspiration struck and he decided to help people all over the world connect through products inscribed with their own pictures. Voila, One Degree was born.

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